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They say that Music knows no limits, well, speaking of the Indian and Pakistani; it stands one step ahead of the rest of all. Regardless of the region, country, state or city, the our Desi people would always be found seeking their favorite music. Radio stations and online radio stations, in particular, have prized themselves quite popularity in the recent times.

Initially, there were very few online radio stations which played Indian music and Pakistani music and they were separate entities. However, great news for the music lovers is the initiation of the IndoPakMusic.com online radio station. The radio station is a huge gift, not just because it will be streaming online 24/7 but also, because people of USA can have an instant access to both Pakistani and Indian music at one online radio station.

IndoPakMusic.com is a place where all the genres of All Desi countries will be played for the listeners. Imagine sitting in a street of Chicago and your ears crave nothing more than a desi number, an Indian Punjabi bhangra song or a Pakistani pop number, and you can actually set your mood right by clicking on IndoPakMusic.com. A place where the irreplaceable Desi beat will always be live and will make you feel lively.

The IndoPakMusic.com is an online station which has been sub-categorized into more stations depending on the nature of the music. The culture of both the countries is vibrant and loud and their music is the best depiction of their inner soul. If you’re an Indian or a Pakistani, you simply just can’t deny the fact that the IndoPakMusic.com is truly exceptional and has become an icon of fun, dance, excellence and so much more. The music of the sub-continent has something which is inexplicable verbally, it has to be felt.

From time to time our IndoPakMusic.Com  online station will have special guests, musicians who will give interview , chat & sing live for the audience. The listeners can connect with them, can ask them questions and also make requests, dedications, and tributes. IndoPakMusic.com is definitely going to be the favorite resort of students, workers, housewives, well, almost everyone because who wouldn’t want an online radio station with an all day, all night streaming of the upbeat Desi music.

Whether you are working or having a rough day, the IndoPakMusic.com has the power to cheer you up in a moment. Having an online radio station with your favorite music is a relief. The station doesn’t just have the best collection of music, they continuously work on the enhancement and updating of their songs. The team values the suggestions of their listeners and try to act upon them in an effective and fun way.

IndoPakMusic.com is a really great addition to the entertainment industry making its way to the heart of the people in a very short span of time.

Coming soon:  Bengali & Afghani online radio stations

Coming soon:  Mobile Version

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July 13th, 2017

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